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The purpose of this site is to document the family history of Harrison Jackson Porter his siblings,
parents, descendants, and their spouses. Harrison Jackson Porter was a "mulatto" (presumed
African-Indian-European) born in 1805 in Virginia. He was enumerated with his family in the 1870
and 1880 censuses for Amite County MS. His father was likely one Harrison Porter, a European
slaveholder, born around 1780 in VA and enumerated in the 1810 census for Culpepper County
VA. It's likely this is the same Harrison Porter enumerated in the 1820 - 1860 Censuses for
Lincoln County KY.

The children of Harrison Jackson Porter may include these individuals with either the Jackson or
Porter name: Sandy Jackson, Reason (Caston) or Mary J Jackson, Squire Jackson, Fenton
(Jackson) Porter, Rachel Jackson, Frances Porter (Moore), Augustus (Jackson) Porter, Percy
Henry Porter, Harrison Porter, Calvin Porter, Briar McGuffey Porter, Mary Porter (Ratcliff), and
Olivia Porter (Huggins). It's likely there are other children who used the name Jackson.

The picture above is of some of the grandsons of Harrison Jackson Porter. It was taken before
1977. They are four of the children of Harrison Jackson Porter's son Briar McGuffey Porter.

You are welcome to contact the administrator, a 2nd great-grandson of Harrison Jackson Porter,
for membership if you believe you are related to or have information about this family as described

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